Monday Morning:

1. a blemish on my chin (meh, so what - it keeps me young)

2. bed-head hair sticking out (meh, so what - i think it’s sexy)

3. no makeup (meh, i like makeup but i feel it tends to overwhelm my face. when i was a teenager i would wake up super early just to have enough time to “do my face”. then i realized that i like more of a natural look for myself - but don’t get me wrong - i love makeup - i have a friend who is a trained makeup artist (for TV/film) and she always looks gorgeous - make up is fun, shopping for makeup is really fun - and i have a ton of lipsticks and lip glosses.)

4. i have rosy cheeks and i blush very easily. so, sometimes when i’m scrolling through my dash and i see all the naughty pics some of you post - i blush so much!!!! my own posts make me blush too. ;) hee hee

5. have a great day tumblies! i’m currently editing a crime/police procedural - it’s quite good.